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A love for the world through the lens

In pursuit of my love for photography and following the purchase of my beautiful Nikon D90 camera, I enrolled in a photograhy class with Z.  This consisted of two 4hr classes over a weekend.  Given it is Ramadan and there is not much to do by day, it served as the perfect distration from our rumbling tummies and the boredom that occupies a weekend where you cannot delight in the pure pleasure of food. 

It was thrilling to be able to discover so many hidden gems in the camera – and to finally shift away from that safe “AUTO” setting.  We experimented with aperture settings, ISO’s and shutter speeds and learned a few basic tricks of the trade regarding white balance, focal length and exposure.  The theory behind photography is a complex beast which I believe can only be conquered through practice and so I have photographed the life out of my teddy bear Luc, a bunch of lemons and my baking – all in the interest of experience.

Here are some of my shots.  I have lots to learn…

Playing with the Aperture Priority setting: the photo on the left was taken at ISO 200 at an F-stop of F22.  The shot on the right was also at an ISO of 200 but an F-stop of F5.6.  Notice how the object is in greater focus and the background is more blurred

Playing with the White Balance setting: from left to right, these photos were all taken at an F-stop of F5.3.  The white balane settings in order were: Auto, Flash, Sunny

For those beginners out there like myself, an excellent book to pick up is “The Digital Photography Book” by Scott Kelby.  The book is written as though you were shooting on location with Scott.  There are no technical references or teachings, just simple, straight-forward step-by-step techniques for getting the shot you want.  If you’re looking to shoot something in focus with a blurred background effect for instance, he’ll tell you exactly how to fiddle with your camera to get this.  His belief is that you need to click as many great photos as you can to appreciate the science and theory behind how to arrive there.  It is a great guide to capture the photos you want.  This was not only given to us in last weekend’s class but also gifted to me for my birthday.  Double proof for how good it is!  Let me know what you think of my amateur experimental shots!

I also need to select a theme for my assignment and submit 3 -5 photos related to it.  If you have any ideas, I would be delighted to hear them.  Thanks!