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And the celebrations continue…

So in just the first week of August we celebrated two birthdays and an anniversary.  Following my last post I have consumed a considerable amount of sugar and taken lots of celebratory photos!  Among the last two celebrations were my parents  33rd wedding anniversary and my sisters 30th birthday.  Both big wows.  And with them desserts to match!

Given it is Ramadan, we are consuming very little of what mountain of desserts has quickly accumulated at home and severely craving them during fasting hours.  Moreover, this means I have resorted to much store-bought sugar relief over creating my own delicacies but fear not dear reader, this baker has not yet laid down her spatula.  Stay tuned for lots more to come… for now, enjoy my mouth-watering photos of the desserts we have so enjoyed devouring!

The last celebration of the month is my own.  Soon to be another year older… *gulp*

Orange-infused chocolate mousse cake with a macaron almond base

Happy Anniversary mum & dad!

Happy birthday sis!