Making changes, Taking chances.


“Hate something, Change something”

Someone special recently said to me “Hate something, Change something”.  What a wonderfully simple notion for something so complicated. This ad captures that sentiment perfectly. 

This led me to the natural next question…why is it so difficult for us to change what we’re unhappy about?  Complacency?  Fear of the unknown?  Pride?  Financial implications?  All of the above probably apply to me and they may count as good excuses but what I know with certainty is that I’m tired of making any excuses whether good or bad.  In the interest of chasing rainbows and daisies like this colorful Honda dream, the time to make a change has come.  Hate can be good, hate can even be great if it compels you to change something and make something better.  Some of the best successes in my own life were born from taking risks, and maybe even a little hate!  Perhaps it’s time for a new leap of faith.  So, what’s next?

Here’s a list of the things I know I love but have never fully explored.  I will tackle them one by one over the next few months until I fall in love with one of them and then I’ll know.  Right?  That sounds pretty easy. I hope.

  1. Photography                                       
  2. Running
  3. Yoga
  4. Baking
  5. Cooking
  6. Helping Others
  7. Fashion
  8. Travel
  9. Interior Design
  10. Flowers
  11. Writing
  12. Dance
  13. Foreign Films
  14. Romantic anything…

*gulp*  Should I be feeling as overwhelmed as I do right now?  Maybe.  But I am scrapping any negative thoughts.  My cup is now half full.  I am plugging forward in search of my passion.  Baby steps will guide my way.