Making changes, Taking chances.

The magic of children

In my post before last (eons ago yes!) I committed to completing a photo assignment I had taken upon myself to complete no matter how long it took me.  In the interest of attempting to finish something I’ve started (rare!), here is the first of my photos that fall into this “magical” theme I am pursuing.

This was taken at Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy.  I watched this little girl frantically jump around bouncing in all directions, hungrily catching the bubbles coming out of a toy contraption that a street vendor attempted to sell – as though her every happiness depended upon it – and I could not take my eyes off her.  In that moment, nothing else existed for her but that bubble chase.  I envied the innocent pleasure that children derive from the simplest of things.  I suppose my intention in pursuing this theme was to capture moments that, every time I looked at that photo evoked those same emotions I felt when I first took it.  In this instance, that emotion was pure joy.


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