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Lake Como – “surreal beauty nestled amidst lush mountains”

I’m very fortunate.  I travel a lot and take lots of pictures.  I’m very bad at sharing them however and in this new age of digital cameras and password protected computers, what is happening is that thousands of photos continue to occupy the hard disk of my laptop, generally without visitation rights.  Back in the day when we used traditional film and photographs were printed, at least they were sorted out in an album, tended to with more care and visited by whomever’s fingers happened upon the photo book.

I’ve therefore decided to retrace my Italian vacation city by city in an effort to share more of the photos I have taken and to find a way to document that experience so that I can return to its memory as often as I like.

We landed in Geneva and drove to Lake Como.  Arriving into the city is at first unimpressive as it is a surprisingly bigger town than one would expect and looks rather typical of other Italian cities.  As soon as the lake comes into view however, that impression is quickly transformed into one of awe.  The lake is serene and beautiful, nestled amidst lush green mountains dotted with beautiful houses.  My eyes curiously made their way up and down the mountains as I played the mental game of “which one is George Clooney’s house?”  There is not much to do in this beautiful town yet it was swarming with visitors, mostly elderly Americans and a few honeymooners.  Our hotel was an impressive structure reminiscent of Italian history and the view from our room was a breathtaking view of the lake. 

We were there for only 2 days so we didnt get a chance to see very much as Mother Nature rained down on us for a full day however you can take a ferry and discover the lakes romantic views as well as the neighboring towns around the lake.  Visit the many mansions dotting the area, walk through the old town square and see the impressive cathederal.  You can also visit the village of Brunate located at an altitude of 712 m on a hill overlooking Lake Como and reached by car or a funicolare.  The funicolare experience is wonderful as the ride up offers incredible views and the village is delightful.

Arriving in Lake Como by car – view from my window, spotted with rain drops 

From left: 1. a local hand-made keepsake from the village of  Brunate; 2. the funicolare to take you up to and down from Brunate; 3.  local fishing boat resting on the edge of the lake

Avoid September and the colder months that follow however.  We were there for 2 days.  It was cold and rained a whole day so there wasnt much to do as the experience of Lake Como is in being outside.  If you’re planning a trip and need tips and advice on what to see and do, visit


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  1. I can’t wait to travel..this place looks beautiful 🙂

    December 5, 2011 at 1:33 AM

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