Making changes, Taking chances.

The magic of life

I never did end up submitting my photograpy homework which is quite apalling however I did finally settle on a theme.  My theme is “magic”. 

This is a word I cherish for the whimsical feelings it evokes and for all the giddyness it garners in the depths of my soul.  When i think of magic i see sparks fly.  I think of fireworks and love and rainbows and laughter.  I think of old fashioned candy shops and comfort food.  I think of babies and the magic of how they come into this life.  I think of beauty and kindness and patience and virtue.  I think of fairy lights and stars and clouds.  There is so much magic in our lives, every day, every moment if only we were to stop to notice it.  I hope this assignment will open my own eyes and humble my heart to appreciate the magic that surrounds me everyday. 

Although I have missed the official submission deadline for this assignment, I am taking it upon myself to pursue this assignment seriously until I have at least 20 photos that I can label with this special moniker – and eventually browse through for days when i need a little magic in my own life…

(photos coming soon)


One response

  1. Your blog is a little of what I hope mine will be one day. Very wonderful.

    December 5, 2011 at 1:35 AM

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